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Traditional GP treatment and care.


Specialist contraception and family planning.


If you’ve had a sporting injury or suffer, you will benefit from our holistic approach.

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Specialist sexual & women's health.


Specialist skin and dermatology.

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Specialist mental health and care.

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Weight loss and diet advice.

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Virtually Healthcare offers free same-day video appointments at a fixed time, with a doctor of your choice.

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We are more than just an app

  • We have locations in London
  • You can select any local pharmacy or hospital.
  • You can take tests in any chosen hospital
  • We have a world class support team should you have any difficulties
  • We are a traditional GP service with zero compromises

How does it work?

We are an NHS GP practice, so to register you’ll need to switch from your current GP. Once you register we’ll have to verify your identity before you can book a consultation.

How do I get my prescription?
Your prescription will be sent online to an NHS pharmacy of your choice, within one hour of your consultation.

Step 1

Choose whether you want to receive a phone call, written advice or a video consult

Step 2

Complete a short questionnaire telling us about your symptoms.

Step 3

Select a health professional, a convenient time slot and book your consultation

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Prescriptions at a local pharmacy and tests carried out at a hospital of your choice.

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Is Virtually free to use?
The Virtually GP Online service is completely NHS funded and run by an NHS GP practice. That means it is completely free of charge for all patients who are registered with us. Every NHS GP Practice in England receives a set amount of money per patient per year to provide all of their care and that’s how we cover the cost of our services to you.
Do I have to switch from my current GP?
NHS England only allows you to be registered to one GP practice at a time, so if you register with us we’ll become your registered NHS GP and you’ll be automatically deregistered from your current practice. You don’t have to tell your current GP you’re switching to Virtually. We’ll automatically inform your old practice, so there’s no need for you to do anything.
Can I choose whether I speak with a male or female clinician?
Yes. Not only can you choose whether your clinician is male or female, but you can also choose the specific person you wish to speak with. We’ll display a list of the available clinicians and you can choose the doctor or nurse you want to speak to. That means as long as they are available you can speak to the same clinician every time.
How soon can I get an appointment?
We aim to always have clinicians available either the same day or the next day (depending on the time of day you are booking your appointment) for digital appointments. In-person appointments may be a slightly longer wait.
How do prescriptions work?
Your prescription will be sent online to an NHS pharmacy of your choice, within one hour of your consultation.
Can I see you face to face?
For some conditions we may request to see you in person at our clinic. You are always welcome to book a face-to-face appointment with our team if you wish, however you may have to wait slightly longer for in-person appointments than you do for digital appointments.
How long are the appointments?
Like most GPs each appointment slot is scheduled for 10 minutes, however depending on the nature of your condition or symptoms the conversation may be shorter or longer. Our clinicians will use their clinical judgement to assess patients on a case by case basis to determine if you need further advice and care or if your concern can be dealt with during a single slot. You may be encouraged to book an immediate follow up if additional time is needed.
How does it work when things can’t be done digitally?
Sometimes we may need to see you in person. For example for vaccinations, smear tests or simply to feel or check something physical. If we need to see you in person we’ll ask you to book an in-person appointment by calling or emailing our patient support team.

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Our clinicians are either GMC, NMC or GPHC registered and deliver high quality ethical clinical care.

You can still visit us in person at our London Clinic

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Prescriptions at a local pharmacy and tests carried out at a hospital of your choice.

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We provide high quality ethical care to all kinds of patients

We are a full service NHS GP practice, with no restrictions on which types of patients can register.