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Weight Loss Clinic

Advice from dietitian and medication prescribed by a doctor if clinically appropriate all free of charge on the NHS.

Time saving, free and easy to use

Access wherever you are – choose a video, telephone or written consult

Prescriptions sent to a local pharmacy of your choice

Get referrals to an NHS hospital near you

All of your physical and mental health concerns are treated by our digital GP practice

A Better way

Weight Loss Clinic

All our clinicians are UK registered and work to national Best-Practice treatment guidelines written by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. Our social prescribers will connect you with groups in your area that will help you with leading a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss Clinic at Archway Medical Centre

Our weight loss service is run by a multi-professional team of dietitians, doctors, nurses and social prescribers who will give you personalised care and advice. After a consultation with a dietitian who will review your diet and make recommendations you will see a doctor who will discuss weight loss medication such as orlistat with you.

I have tried many diets before without success. Why is your service different?

Our service offers a multi-professional team who will help you with changing what you eat and your lifestyle and medication. Combining these approaches gives you the best chance of losing and sustaining a healthy weight.

Is orlistat a safe treatment?

Orlistat has been tested and is approved for use in the UK by MHRA and also recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence for use in appropriate patient

Step 1

Consult with our dietitian for a review of what you eat and advice on changes to your diet.

Step 2

Two weeks later after you have made changes to your diet consult with our doctor to discuss a prescription for orlistat.

Step 3

Eight weeks later consult with our dietitian for a review of your weight loss.

We are a new kind of NHS GP

Our service means no more waiting weeks to see an NHS GP, tackling busy reception phone lines, or time off work! Join the thousands of patients getting prescriptions, doctors notes, repeat contraception, referral letters and health advice and treatment, all within a few taps on their phone.

Most of your treatment will be given digitally, however if you need to see a Doctor or Nurse in-person we’ll arrange a consultation at our North London clinic or an NHS clinic near you if one is available. Archway Medical Centre’s NHS GP online service can help you with anything your traditional GP can and more!

Our North London Clinic

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Prescriptions at a local pharmacy and tests carried out at a hospital of your choice.

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We are a full service NHS GP practice, with no restrictions on which types of patients can register.

We provide high quality ethical NHS primary care to people of all ages every day, whether you are in good health or not.